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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 26 April 2007 16:49
The discussion about "is evangelism and intentional discipleship Catholic or Protestant?" has finally spilled over to Amy's.

I admit, I'm still a bit staggered at the seemingly endless controversy on a topic that has been the subject of endless magisterial teaching over the past 40+ years. But if any ID readers or visitors are interested in actually doing something about evangelization, consider attending Making Disciples this summer in Colorado Springs or this fall in West Virginia.

As we say on our website: The non-negotiable foundation for Christian maturity and vocation today, as it has always been, is discipleship. And the key to intentional discipleship is a critical part of catechesis and formation that seldom happens in the Catholic pastoral practice: thoughtful pre-evangelization and an initial proclamation of Christ that asks for a deliberate personal response.

Making Disciples is a four day seminar that will help participants

· Understand intentional discipleship and that it is the normative source of spiritual life, and thus the ultimate end of all pastoral ministry.

· Understand why initial discipleship precedes catechesis and how life-changing catechesis and formation builds on discipleship.

· Learn how to listen for and recognize pre-discipleship stages of spiritual growth.

· Learn how to facilitate the spiritual growth of those - whether baptized and “active” or not - who are not yet disciples.

· Learn how to articulate the basic kerygma that awakens initial faith in a gentle and non-threatening way.

· Learn how to use these skills in a wide variety of pastoral and personal settings: RCIA/inquiry, adult faith formation, sacramental prep, spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, gifts and vocational discernment,and personal relationships of all kinds.

· Have an opportunity to prayerfully reflect on their own journey toward discipleship.

Although the focus of Making Disciples is primarily pastoral and practical, Church teaching on evangelization and catechesis, grace, faith, disposition, the Holy Spirit, baptism and confirmation, and the charisms will be integrated throughout the seminar.

Check it out.

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