Never Attend Church? It Isn't All Tending in One Direction Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 24 April 2007 09:49
I came across these interesting statistics embedded in a 2005 USA Today article on the dramatic drop of Church attendance in Europe. There were the usual gloomy stats:

Europeans who "never" or "practically never" attend Church in 2000 as compared to 1981:

France 60%
Britian 55%
down to Ireland (8%)

But I also noticed this:

While 22% of Italians in 1981 claimed never to go to church, that number had dropped to 17% by 2000. And the US total had also dropped from 18% in 1981 to 16% in 2000.

So again, some indication that it isn't all going one way and that rumors of some kind of Christian renewal in some parts of Europe have some basis.