Bits of Anglican News and a Bad Sheavian Joke Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 11 April 2008 15:30
This was going the rounds of Episcopalian/Anglican circles last week and generating lots of discussion. This ad ran in the April edition of "Episcopal Life"

THE ANGLICAN USE SOCIETY in America in communion with the Holy See of Rome offers to Clergy, Religious and Laity of the Anglican Tradition an information booklet explaining THE PASTORAL PROVISION, the canonical instrument that has made possible their reconciliation with the Holy See as units of common identity which preserve their Anglican heritage of liturgy, hymnody and spirituality.

In other words, an official publication of the Episcopal Church includes an advertisement from an official Roman Catholic organization that invites Episcopal congregations to leave the Episcopal Church and become Roman Catholic.

Speaking of which, the 2008 Anglican Use Conference will take place July 10 - 12 in San Antonio, Texas.

I need to stop for a moment and contemplate speaking several days in mid July in San Antonio. Hmmm. 110 in the shade, Spanish-speaking, and Catholic to its historic core. OK. The new Anglicanism, I guess.

Reminds me irresistably of a conversation I witnessed between Mark Shea (who was then a mere nobody Catholic neophyte) and Peter Kreet (who was presenting at a conference Mark and I were attending.

Mark to Dr. Kreeft: "I have a question, Dr. Kreeft."

Dr. Kreeft: (taking off his glasses and preparing to give Mark his full attention).

Mark, earnestly: "Is it as hot in hell as it is in this room?"

Kreeft (without missing a beat): "Yes, and in hell, the air conditioners are always broken."