Thank You, God! Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 17 April 2008 15:40
I loved watching Pope Benedict's glowing face as he reached out to the eager crowds as he made his way to his car after the Mass this afternoon. He seemed to be experiencing the energy and joy that Pope John Paul II so commonly received from crowds. Is the reception that he is receiving here different than he receives elsewhere?

Enjoy there was this lovely anecdote this afternoon from the blog Pope 2008:

"Benedict was late, and the media coordinator said there was no way he would spend any time here. But he made a beeline around the back of the limo, straight to the waiting pilgrims.

There, he shook hands and was generally mobbed.

"He was trying to give me peace," said Marilyn Villacort from St. Catherine Laboure Parish. "He was bringing me and my family a message of peace from God. Only God knows what I've been going through. He just stared at me and wouldn't let go of me, saying 'Everything's gonna be okay. Just trust in God and everything will be okay."

Then the Secret Servicemen came and began peeling arms off of him and urging him back to the car. In the car he was so energized by the crowd that he turned bodily in his seat, leaning over the cardinal next to him to keep his face in the window closest the crowd.

Even the Washington Post photographer, as we walked away from the event, was moved. He threw his arms in the air and said, "This time I can say: 'Thank you God!'"