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Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 12 April 2009 07:32
Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

We know that round here cause is is snowing. Again.

My snowiest Rocky Mountain Easter so far was spent in Westcliffe where I attended the Easter Vigil in a tiny Victorian church in a blizzard. It was much easier to accept there, 8,000 feet high at the foot of the towering Sangre de Christo mountains.

But the fact that I'm a bit put out that it is snowing again in mid-April shows you that I haven't fully adjusted yet.

Whatever the Easter weather where you are, I think you'll find this post of Peter Nixon's over at Commonweal a nourishing meditation on this day of ultimate hope. Peter quotes Fr. Henri Nouwen:

One reason is that the bodily resurrection of Jesus is the basis for the Christian attitude toward the human body. If the body is only a prison room from which we must be freed, then care for the hungry, the sick, the dying, prisoners, and refugees can no longer be seen as care for the body that is called to share in the glory of God.

The bodily resurrection of Jesus is the most profound basis for the sacredness of all human flesh and the most compelling argument for reverencing all forms of life. For Jean Vanier at L’Arche, the bodily resurrection of Jesus is the most precious of Christian truths. I can see why. Daily physical contact with severely handicapped people has put him in touch with the mystery of the human body. Their often very distorted bodies are not simply temporary dwelling places of an eternal spirit, but the sacred ground of the resurrected life. Washing, dressing, feeding and supporting handicapped people is a holy vocation when we know that their bodies, like ours, are destined to share in the resurrection of Jesus.

This quote is taken from Seeds of Hope: A Henri Nouwen Reader.

Not long ago, I was speaking to a very theologically literate parish leader who knew and believed it all: Christ's Incarnation, Life, Death, and Resurrection. As true history. But what startled me was that he found it hard to understand that not only does the keryma include these facts but also the proclamation that Christ did all this for our sake and a call for us to respond.

For him, it was not yet the truth of the Exultet sung at the Easter Vigil last night: Here sung mvoingly by Fr. Tim Hepburn of Atlanta

The passion, death, and Resurrection of Christ as center of human and cosmic history; the entire basis for all our earthly and eternal hopes.

"What good would life have been for us if Christ had not been our redeemer?"

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