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Rain, Snow or 20 Below! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 16 April 2009 10:31
What is it about attempting to fly to Corpus Christi that produces snowstorms in Colorado Springs? And i just love packing for snow and 80 degrees in the same small bag!

Three weeks ago, I went to CC and a blizzard descended here. This weekend, they are predicting another gob of
heavy, spring snow to hit us tonight. The storm is supposed to last all day Friday and Fr. Mike and I were due to fly out early Friday morning.

So we've had to move our flight up to later this afternoon which means we'll be fighting the mobs in the Houston airport tonight - if we aren't grounded by thunderstorms. But at least we'll be in Texas and we'll know that we will make it in time for the workshop which begins at 7 pm Friday night

If you are in the CC area, come and join the fun!

Update from Houston:

We were held on the tarmac in Colorado Springs for about a hour due to wind sheer conditions and missed our connecting flight to Corpus Christ by 2 minutes. So we're spending tonight in Houston and will brave the hour flight to Corpus in the morning, At least we are in Texas!

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