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The Inner OP Teddy Bear PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 25 April 2009 13:02

Doesn't remind me of anyone I know . . .

H/T: American Papist

But it does remind me of a story that I heard Fr. Benedict Groeschel tell, of his quest to find a stupid Jesuit. And how delighted he was when he actually encountered one: a humble, holy, but undeniably dim member of the Society of Jesus. "He was a real find."

Dominicans are not noted for their whimsical, bear-of-little-brain cuddliness - but some (not all!) occasionally show their teddy bear side. It is usually found pinned under the weight of the gigantic OP brain.

Which is why I've noticed that Dominicans tend to get shorter as they get older. The burden of hauling around a brain full of St, Thomas.

You start out at 5'10" 3/4" and before you know it, you are 5'9" if you are lucky . . .

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