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Written by Sherry   
Monday, 27 August 2007 14:45
It's hard when you have 5 children, ages almost 3 to 12, to drive long distances but I did manage to get the gang a hour west to Wilkerson Pass about which Mark wrote below.

It is frustrating when guests come all this way and yet can't manage a two hour drive to the Continental Divide because the Springs, as lovely as it is, isn't, well, deep Colorado.

I was pleased with the trip to Wilkerson Pass but had to explain as the Sheas and Curps were oohing and aahing that this isn't really particularly spectacular scenery by Colorado standards.

What would "spectacular" be? Dave Curp asked me.

"The Million Dollar Highway through the San Juan mountain in late September" was my instant answer. Alas, we are one month early and it is a 6 hour drive from here so I can't let my guests see it for themselves.

Then just now, I found this absolutely wonderful slide show of the Million Dollar highway in autumn. What is striking is that the photographer, Weldon Schloneger, managed to capture the brilliance of the aspen at their height which is quite difficult to do.

The high country in late September is as close to the beatific vision via natural beauty as I expect to come in this mortal life.

Million Dollar Highway, Autumn

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