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Written by Sherry   
Friday, 22 August 2008 12:44
One of the great privileges of this work are the amazing people, communities, and initiatives that we get to spend time with!

Last week at Making Disciples, we were joined by Fr. Chas Canoy of St. Thomas the Apostle parish in Ann Arbor, Michigan. One look at St. Thomas's website lets you know that this is not a run of the mill parish! Fr. Chas works with the young adult group there which has its own website: Generation Christ.

Both websites are worth a visit. I'm going to add St. Thomas to our website list of "intriguing parishes.

Meanwhile, I am preparing for an inservice with the country coordinators of Renewal MInistries next month and in reading about their current work, I am pretty seriously intimidated. Wow! At those moments, you just abandon yourself to God and offer your little bit even when you know it is wholly inadequate.

You'll understand why I feel that way if you take a look at this article by Peter Herbeck about an evangelization consultation in Ghana that took place in 2007.

Amazing. This consultation was held by Cardinal Peter Turkson. What prompted it was the recognition that Christianity in Africa is a mile wide and only an inch deep. And that catechesis without intentional discipleship is not nearly enough.

One local bishop requires that every priest in his diocese goes through a month of evangelization training. I'd post some quotes but can't seem to figure out how to do so from the original pdf document. But read the whole thing!

It is powerful.

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