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Becoming a Called & Gifted Interviewer/Facilitator

We are delighted when pastoral leaders express an interest in learning how to facilitate the discernment of the gifts of others.  You can use these skills with friends and family, parishioners, those discerning a call to priesthood, religious life, or a particular secular vocation, and with deacon candidates, seminarians, or members of religious congregations.

To date over 70,000 Catholics have been involved in the Called & Gifted discernment process all over the world.  2000 Catholic leaders at all levels (staff or volunteer) have been trained to offer one-on-one personal gifts interviews and /or to facilitate small discernment groups.

Below is a detailed outline of the process of becoming a Called & Gifted interviewer or small group facilitator.

Step One:  Begin Your Own Discernment

1)    Experience the Called & Gifted introductory workshop (live, on CD or tape).

2)    Take the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory (which is distributed at a live workshop or can be purchased through our website)

3)    Have a one hour, one-on-one personal interview with a trained interviewer.  
a.    If no trained interviewers are available in your area, you can arrange for a phone interview through the Institute office.  
b.    There is a nominal charge of $35.00 for a phone interview as we pay our interviewers an honorarium.

4)    Pick a charism to explore and do some personal discernment.
This experience will not only help you clarify your own charisms but give you insight into the discernment process which will help you enormously when listening to other people’s stories as an interviewer.

Step Two: Becoming an Interviewer and Small Gifts Group Facilitator

1)    Interviewer Training prepares you to conduct a one hour, one-on-one session with someone who has been through a live workshop or listened to the CDs and has taken the Inventory. During this interview:
a.    We answer the participant’s personal questions
b.    Help participants recognize patterns in their life that may indicate the presence of a charism
c.    Help them pick one charism to discern and determine how they might do so.

This training also prepares you to facilitate the extended discernment process in a small group.  

Attend Gifts Interviewer Training:
a.    Prerequisites for going through interviewer training:
i.    Basic listening skills (we don’t have time to teach listening skills during the training)
ii.    Practicing Christian for at two years, possess the basic spiritual and personal maturity to listen to someone else’s very different personal and spiritual experiences without interposing one’s own.

b.    Interviewer training is short but intense:
i.    A typical weekend schedule would be Friday night from 7 – 9:30 and Saturday 9am – 8 pm.  
ii.    Cost: $100/person (includes the cost of extensive materials)
iii.    Lunch is not provided by the Institute.  A sponsoring organization may provide lunch or participants will need to bring their own.
iv.    The skills gained are transferable to facilitating discernment in a small group

2)    After training, do some interviews to gain experience and insight into charisms you have never experienced.  

To find out where interviewer training is scheduled, go to our calendar.

To register for interviewer training, contact Austin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call her at (719) 219-0056 or (888) 878 – 6789.