Religion Stories of the Year Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 31 December 2007 08:06
Apparently it all depends . . .

Time magazine's list of the top ten religion stories:

1) Mother Teresa's darkness
2) Democrats Embrace Religion
3) Death of Jerry Falwell
4) The Pope's Moto Proprio
5) The Episcopal Church at Odds Over Homosexuality (Again!)
6) The "Greening" of Evangelicalism
7) The Road of Atheist Books
8) The Trials of our local meg-church, New Life
9) The Creation Museum opens (boy, did I miss this one!)
10) South Korean Missionaries Kidnapped in Afghanistan

From the annual poll of US Catholic editors conducted by Catholic News Service, the three top stories were:

1) The debate over immigration
2) The war in Iraq
3) Developments in stem cell research

From Jim Wallis' God's Politics blog:

1) Faith & Politics: "how the conversation on faith and politics has changed in the U.S"
2) Region in Crisis: Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan
3) Israel-Palestine
4) Democratic Congress in 2008
5) Global Warming
6) Darfur
7) the Death Penalty
8) Immigration
9) Guns
10) Muslim-Christian dialog

What stories do you think should have made the list and didn't?