Good Stuff Going On Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 05 December 2008 13:37
Even though we are well into December, the Institute still has a number of events going on.

This evening and tommorrow, a Called & Gifted interviewer training will be happening in Sugarland, Texas.

This weekend, Fr. Mike will be preaching at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Jamul, California as an introduction to the Advent mission he will be preaching on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week. If you are in the area, consider spending part of your Advent with Fr. Mike. He is a wonderful preacher (I speak from experience).

On the weekend of December 13/14, we will be offering yet another interviewer training in Kansas City, Kansas. Which is in preparation for the really big dual language (English/Spanish) Called & Gifted that we will be teaching on January 9/10. Sponsored by both Kansas City dioceses - Kansas and Missouri.

Then Fr. MIke will zip north to preach all the Masses on the weekends of December 14/15 and 20/21 at Blessed Sacrament parish in Seattle where the Institute was originally founded. Blessed Sacrament is magical (if damp) at Advent and Christmas. Go and hear him if you can. He will also be giving a special Advent talk on December 18 on "Journey to Bethlehem".

Then, because we are clement, we will allow Fr. Mike to go home for Christmas. I know. I know. Get's em into bad habits. They'll start to think they have a right to time off. But then I have always had have a soft spot for Dominicans. That man just twists me around his little finger.

There are two other very cool seasonal events coming up at Blessed Sacrament:

Fr. Allen Duston, OP will be giving a talk on December, 10 at 7pm. The subject: Angelic Art at the Vatican. And he should know. Fr. Allen served for years as head of development for the Vatican Art Museum and worked in the most amazing office in the Vatican - the 15th century papal robing room with the date 1496 still visible on the walls. It was Fr. Duston who arranged an an amazing privilege for us when Fr. Michael Sweeney and I were in Rome - an after-hours private tour of the Sistine Chapel. All by ourselves.

And then the Tudor Choir will be giving a true Christmastide concert at Blessed Sacrament on December 27.

What riches!