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Written by Michael Fones   
Thursday, 18 December 2008 11:41
Well, as promised, I have put together a few suggested names for groups of Dominicans, friars, bloggers, PCs, Macs, laity, clergy, charisms, Christmas ornaments, and angels. Obviously, these are things or people that I work with, live with, and are on my mind these days with the Nativity of Our Lord on the horizon.

But first, here are suggested names for groups that were provided by readers of this blog...

A pride of Dominicans
An expository of Dominicans
A pack of Dominicans

A phalanx of friars
A frenzy of friars
A bucket of friars (extra crispy)
A family of friars
A fraternity of friars

A blather of bloggers

A crash of PCs
A passel of PCs

A smirk of Macs

A scallop of laity
A largesse of laity
An oppression of laity
A laxity of laity
A latency of laity
A fertility of laity
(trying to accommodate varying ecclesiologies)

a cocktail of charisms (uniquely combined gifts of the “spirits”)
a combustion of charisms

a collar of clergy
a cataclysm of clergy

an anthem of angels

a memoir of Christmas ornaments

And now, here are my suggestions, some of which have definitions provided for the suggestions, which I hope will help you understand why they are so appropriate, in my humble opinion.

a motley of Dominicans (motley: consisting of people or things that are very different from one another and do not seem to belong together)

a congregation of laity (duh!)

a mess of friars

a gratuity of charisms

a stereotypy of bloggers (stereotypy: a pattern of persistent, fixed and repeated speech that is apparently meaningless and is characteristic of some mental conditions)

a plenitude of PCs

a dearth of Macs

a frock of clergy (my favorite!)

a pindance of angels

a gaud of Christmas ornaments

And one for good measure...
a flimsy of apologists (flimsy: unconvincing and difficult to believe)

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