Dashing Through the Snow on a 15 Dog Open ATV Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 08:09
14 F. cloudy, and snowing lightly this morning. Just the right sort of weather to set the mood for looking at a few Alaskan dog sledding pictures:

My sister, Becky, in Eric Roger's backyard dog enclosures. Eric has 22 dogs - a few of which are retirees but most of which are working sled dogs.

Eric and Beck coming back from their run. There wasn't quite enough snow for the sled so the dogs pull an ATV.

The view from the ATV. Those dogs just love to run! They are incredible athletes - routinely doing 100 miles a day in an Iditarod at temperatures as low as -60F.

We got to load and unload the dogs as well as hitch and unhitch them. Most are very friendly although a few are shy of strangers.

More blogging in a bit.