Forty Days for Life Print
Written by Michael Fones   
Tuesday, 05 February 2008 10:23
Fifty-nine cities in 31 states across the country are participating in the Forty Days for Life campaign February 6 - March 16. It is the fifth annual event of this kind.

The first 40 Days for Life campaign was conducted in Bryan/College Station, Texas. A local pro-life group prayed for an answer about how to reduce abortion in their area, and the answer God gave them was 40 Days for Life. The campaign was put together in a matter of weeks, yet it activated 1,000 people and led directly to a 28 percent decline in abortions in that community.

Utilizing prayer, fasting, and non-violent, non-confrontational prayerful vigil before abortion clinics, the participants ask God to transform hearts as well as help women considering abortions to be aware of other options and to offer support.

Why 40 days? See the video below!

For more information, or to find out if 40 days for life is active in your city, visit their website here.