A Day in A Life of E-mail Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 06 February 2009 15:40
Going through my e-mail after returning from this last trip is a story in itself. Here are a few of the highlights from the last 24 hours:

1) E-mail from one of our Called & Gifted teachers currently stationed in Baghdad who has been talking up the workshop and now want to see if he can offer one to Americans stationed there.

2) E-mails from two members of our emerging Singapore Called & Gifted team who are all going to be in the US this summer at various points and want to be trained as teachers.

3) E-mail from Clara, our Australian director with links to various on-line articles about how expression of the Christian faith is steadily becoming more difficult in the west. Note: Must blog about that.

4) Two exchanges with CSI fans looking for ministry jobs in parishes or Newman centers who are dedicated to evangelization and forming lay apostles.

5) Several e-mails regarding getting legal help to respond to an individual who is blatantly copying the Called & Gifted and trying to pass it off as his/her own original work.

6) E-mail from national organization because individual in #5 above has proposed to put the plagiarized material available online for a price. 4 phone calls and several e-mail responses later, national organization recognizes the material is a rip-off and tells me they will turn down individual's proposal. Hallelujah!

7) Two e-mail from long time friend in middle east. She enclosing a really moving e-mail from her daughter who is in Africa ransoming child soldiers. Wow! Heart-breaking but God is truly at work.

8) E-mail from more or less lapsed Catholic who was involved with the C & G in her old Catholic parish but is now attending an Episcopalian church and wants to bring the process there. Worried that it is too Catholic. (This, alas, is not the first such request I have received from "roamin' Catholics". Hhmmm. Episcopalian parishes have been using our stuff for years cause they like the sacramental context. No, we don't have a less Catholic version.)

9) E-mail from a long time Called & Gifted team leader who want to bring Making Disciples to her diocese. She doesn't know why but has a sense of urgency about it so we'll try to see what we can do in May.

10) Flight and media arrangements for my upcoming presentations at the Pauline Convocation in Detroit in March.

11) Fr. Anthony, co-Director of our Australian team writes, offering to send me a prayer for the gifts of the Holy Spirit that he has found in the Armenian rite. Sounds great.

12) E-mail from a local champion in large archdiocese who tells us that a group who attended the last Called & Gifted workshop there wants one of their own and that his local auxiliary bishop wants to talk about C & G implementation. He wants to talk before he meets with the bishop.

13) E-mail exchange about possible opportunity for Fr. Mike to talk about our work at a major seminary on St. Catherine's feast day.

14) Photos of my father's funeral from my sister.

15) E-mails with 40 mysterious Chinese language links (porn??) placed on old ID posts. Must search out and destroy one by one.

16) Request for radio interview about my post of today about Sacraments and Sacramental Grace. (I tell the inquirer that I think it is too complicated to do the topic justice in a 10 minute radio interview. Fortunately, Inquirer is theologically literate and readily agrees.)

There's a central theme there somewhere . . .