Coming Up For Air Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 17 February 2009 14:12
No, I didn't get lost in the snow of high country - although it was certainly gorgeous.
I've gotten lost in work.  Who knew that coming up with a decent Catholic version of the kergyma was going to be such a struggle?  Option after option has not come through or not worked for different reasons.
And there's that book I'm theoretically writing - and many, many other things.
Including my sister, Becky, who lives in Alaska but is down in Houston currently being treated for cancer.  (Both of us would greatly appreciate your  prayers for her).
Coming up for air just briefly.
We received this encouraging note from a woman who was buying our popular Lenten retreat on CD, The Call to Christian Happiness:
"Years ago my daughter took the Institute's Called & Gifted class and it was the best thing she could have done.  Not happy with her career, she returned to college, obtained a nursing degree and does volunteer work once a year in Haiti because she realized one of her gifts is Mercy."
How many lives are changed when we discern and take up God's call?
And just a note for those who would like to support Catholic apostolates like the Catherine of Siena Institute and shop online.
Consider shopping through The Giving Cart.
The Giving Cart's entire purpose is to generate income for worthy Catholic groups and institutions without costing you an extra cent.  They are linked to many of the major vendors:   Apple,, Staples, Orbitz, Travelocity, Gap, Hotels.Com, etc. and will give a certain percentage of any purchase  from the listed vendors to the Catholic group of your choice.
Just start your shopping on their website, fill in the form with the words "Catherine of Siena Institute" (or whatever group) and then go to the store of your choice and do your shopping.  (Each store gives a different percentage of the purchase which is indicated under their name.)
It all adds up and would certainly make a big difference to us and to many other worthy groups at no cost to you!