Life is Hard . . .and the Love of God Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 05 January 2007 08:45
How many of us had a not so merry Christmas? I've talked to several people recently who have told me "This was the hardest Christmas of my life." Some of us come from tough backgrounds. Many of us have experienced inexplicable, and seemingly undeserved loss and sorrow in the course of our life. What is the Christian response to "life is hard and then you die?"

Take a look at this quote from a parish bulletin reflection by Fr. Paul Francis, CP of Glasgow Scotland (hat tip: Amy Welborn) which seems so relevant to our discussions about effective witnessing:

"It is sad but true that many people experience very little love in their lives. Summing up the meaning of the years that make up a human life, the Psalmist says: “And most of these are emptiness and pain; they pass swiftly and we are gone” (Psalm 89:10). The answer to the emptiness and pain of life is found only in the love of God. The love of God remains the remedy for all the evils of this world; as Catholics, that is what we believe.

What can we do in the face of the emptiness and pain that is part of so many people’s lives? The great Carmelite mystic, Saint John of the Cross, said “Where you find no love, put love and then you’ll find it.”

Often we are more concerned about the love we receive from others than the love we give to others. As long as we devote ourselves to looking for love, we are missing the point of Christmas. Love in all its fullness has come to us in Jesus; our task in life is to be bearers of that love, to bring love to the places where otherwise it would not be found. And experience teaches that those who bring God’s love to others always receive God’s love in their own lives."

Witness time:

Have you had the experience of trying to "put love where there is no love"? What happened? What has enabled you to experience the love of God? How did that affect you and your situation? How do you foster the virtue of hope in your life? How has God provided for you in the midst of tough times?

A lot of struggling folk out there need the encouragement of hearing your story.