The Late, Great Delle Chatman Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 11 January 2007 15:51
If you need a boost or even if you don't - watch a few of these wonderful reflections here by Delle Chatman who died last November of ovarian cancer. Talk about a lay apostle!

As I wrote about her at the time:

I first heard about her from Barb Nicolosi who wrote about her death from ovarian cancer earlier this month.

But then I found this videos that she had made in the last couple of years for a Chicago station - what an incredible witness to the love of God and the hope of the faith! If only I had 1/10 of her faith and evident love! Occasionally, it can sound a bit like she thinks she's earning salvation - but I don't think that's it at all. I just think she is so consumed with the experience of the love of God that she sees all of life through that paradigm.

Watch a couple. They are magnificent. Delle wanted to be a priest, apparently, and only resigned herself to not becoming one a couple years ago and refused to become bitter. Or about having ovarian cancer and leaving a young daughter (she was a single mother)

The last e-mail she sent out as she entered hospice ended with this sentence:

"PS. Brothers and sisters, either we believe in eternal life - or we don't."

Watching her again just now say "I didn't keep the faith. Faith kept me." moved me to tears all over again. In the presence of such a glowing, radiant witness, how could you not be drawn to the love of Christ?