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The Voice of Truth PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 January 2007 07:39

Written by Keith Strohm

Fully living out our call to radical apostleship means, as Paul writes, "speaking the truth in Christ" to our culture, our workplace, our friends, our family, and our very selves. This "speech" unfolds through both our words and actions--and it requires an attitude of humility. For truth is not some thing that we possess. It is, in Jesus Christ, some one by whom we are possessed.

We must learn, as the Body of Christ and as individual members of that Body, to listen to the Voice of God, which leads us into a deeper experience of Truth so that we may share what we have been given with others. Whether we encounter that voice in the tiny stillness of a gentle wind like Elijah, or in the raging tempest of a storm like the Disciples, God speaks to each of us in the depths of our hearts, calling us to discover our true identity in Him so that we might do the same for others.

How do you listen for God's Voice?


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