Topics We Will and Won't Discuss on This Blog Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 08 January 2007 12:55
What topics will we be discussing on Intentional Disciples?

Anything and everything related to the discipleship and apostleship of the laity and the mission of the Church to the world. There have been a handful of blogs about living as Catholic laity but they are run by individuals and no one seems to read them. There is a real vacuum in this area that we are exceptionally equipped to fill. Via Intentional Disciples, we have the chance to help shape the global discussion in these areas:

1) Proclaiming Christ and the practical evangelization of individuals: How to communicate the kerygma to those who are not yet intentional disciples of Jesus Christ and help them become disciples.

2) Formation: How to intentionally nurture the spiritual maturity and foster the apostolic call of every baptized person, especially at the local parish level.

3) Discernment and Vocation: Anything related to charisms (duh!) and the discernment and living of personal vocations - especially non-ecclesial vocations.

4) Evangelization of culture and societal structures - especially in relationship to the faith, work, vocations, and initiatives of lay Christians.
· Stories we hear/witness from close friends or families or stories we hear/witness on the road that are relevant to 1 -4
· Essential Church teaching and theology and formation resources related to # 1-4.
· Effective initiatives related to #1-4
· Struggles/obstacles/questions/perspectives related to #1-4

That's why we want and need a variety of voices and life experiences on the blog. We don't expect you to agree with each other on everything. Can you spell b-o-r-i-n-g? Our parameters are the Gospel and the teaching of the Church. Within those parameters, there is a ton of room for different opinions and personalities.

Fear not: Intentional Disciples will not be a free-for-all flame fest. The blog will be moderated. We want to create a positive space for discussion that will encourage thoughtful "lurkers" who normally don't comment on other blogs because a few belligerent nasties dominate. The chronically uncivil will be asked to take their opinions elsewhere.

We want to remain focused on providing a forum for important aspects of Catholic teaching, life and practice that aren’t getting much attention elsewhere. Therefore, there are certain topics we won't be discussing on Intentional Disciples. This would include strictly internal ecclesial stuff such as:

1) Ecclesial gossip: For rumors about curia officials and who is going to be the next Bishop of St. Bullfrog's, go elsewhere. Whispers in the Loggia does a great job of this. If people want to check out the latest buzz - we'll suggest they go there.

2) Liturgy and liturgical controversies: Most Catholic blogs are routinely filled with discussions about liturgical disciplines, practices, the "old" Mass vs. the "new" Mass and horror stories about liturgical abuses. We won't be covering the liturgy wars on Intentional Disciples. None of us here has the kind of special knowledge of the liturgy necessary to repond thoughtfully to many of the issues raised. It has been done to death and there are dozens of other places to go to fill anyone's liturgical maven needs. We trust the Church and Pope Benedict XVI on this one.

What we do know a lot about, what has been poorly covered elsewhere, and that we want to focus on is the 99% of lay Catholic life and mission that goes on outside the sanctuary.