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Fellowship Across Boundaries PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 18 July 2007 10:44
Yesterday was a day in which I got to experience the breadth of global Christianity again.

First of all, I had another long talk with another Orthodox priest about Called & Gifted and Making Disciples and their possible usefulness within an Orthodox congregation. Although I tried to be very clear that both these formation events were written for Catholics and reflect Catholic teaching and experience, he was still very intrigued and felt that there was a lot of resonance between Catholic and Orthodox experience and theology in this area. So we could have several Orthodox priests and some of their students and parishioners attend a Called & Gifted workshop this fall.

Then I had two hours with my friend Natali and she was telling me of stories she was hearing from Independent/Apostolic missionaries and asking my help in putting some of their practices in perspective. Natali also told me of the Turkish Christians whose murder made the news recently.

Both my conversational partners were intentional disciples and it is intentional discipleship that drew us together and fueled our conversations.

Our ecclesiology and experience is vastly different (I had to explain to Natali the whole concept of a cloistered Carmelite community, and the call to contemplation and the long process of discernment that precedes final vows. She was open but clearly puzzled. There was no category for this in her experience.)

But Christ - the Lord, source and summit - was the unquestioned center for all of us and that makes true fellowship possible despite our unquestioned and important theological and experiential differences.

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