China Soul Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 14 July 2008 09:45
Related to the interesting discussion here about "conscious" and "unconscious" faith in different cultures of the world, do take a look at some of these videos produced by China Soul.

They are long but intensely moving as you hear the stories of Chinese Christians and what they have suffered for the faith over the years. I listened to Seeds of Blood last night. The hymns that punctuate the stories are 20th century Protestant hymns (not contemporary praise & worship) that I remember vaguely from my childhood. Occasionally the swelling music get a bit much for me but the power is in the authenticity of the stories from these elderly Chinese who have spend decades in labor camps and sacrificed so much for Christ.

"Unconscious" religiosity was not an option for these people and their perseverance in the face of terrible suffering has changed the course of the most populous nation on earth.