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Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 12 July 2008 06:41
Fresh word from OZ:

Fr. Anthony (our Dominican co-Director in Austrailia) writes:

Our presentation went well and the response was great. I had a chance to talk to with Fr. Alexander Sheerbrooke from St. Patrick's in Soho, London.You may be familiar with Spes, St. Patrick's Evanglisation School. It is really inspiring to hear about such wonderful work that they do in the heart of London.

Indeed, we are familiar with Fr. Sheerbrooke's remarkable evangelization efforts and have blogged about St. Patrick's here and here. I'm delighted that Fr. Anthony, Clara, and the CSI team had a chance to met him! Great stuff!

The commissioning mass at Telstra Dome last night went very well. I was somewhat worried before the Mass that the pilgrims would be a little out of control for Mass, but as soon as Mass began it was wonderful, and by the end of Mass singing the WYD hymn the presence of the Holy Spirit was so very palpable.

You should see the faces of ordinary Melbournians as they are confronted by youth from all around the world. I can't imagine
the effect that this is having on the city.

The numbers for the Mass vary depending on which newspaper you read. It certainly wasn't full, but if you split the difference then 35,000 would be the number. Which isn't too bad for a cold winter evening in Melbourne. The important thing is the fact that it was about commissioning pilgrims to go to Sydney and I think that it worked very well at that level, helping those
who might have been doubtful.

More updates from the CSI team as I get them. Today Clara and her family and Fr. Anthony and the OP students are all on the road - to Sydney. As is Pope Benedict!

Pray for protection for all who travel today to this remarkable gathering!

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