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Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 09:21
It is fascinating what you can stumble across:

TXMomTB writes at some length about her experience of the Called & Gifted small group process and the impact that discernment is already having on her life and marriage.

"This information has been so empowering for me. For one thing, now that I know my charisms, I know which kinds of ministries and which kinds of positions in a ministry to focus on. Before, anytime someone told me about a ministry, I thought I should check it out. I'd feel some vague guilt that I wasn't doing enough, or that maybe they needed me, like any warm body could fill that role and it might as well be me. I would try and then leave different ministries, or keep doing it despite not being interested. Volunteering would drain me and I would continue out of wanting to be virtuous more than being called. I thought service needed to be difficult to be really useful. Now, though, I know that not only does God want to work in me in a particular way, but that other people have the gifts that I don't have. It doesn't mean I won't struggle, of course, just that the right ministry or position will enable the Holy Spirit to bear more fruit through me than the wrong ministry will. That all seems so obvious but apparently I needed to learn that lesson!

Learning about these charisms also explains some of the more unusual spiritual experiences in my life. Like the time a total stranger came up to me in chapel to pray over me. Or the time, during a healing Mass, that a stranger prayed for healing and that sickness they prayed about went away. Those things brought me peace at the time but weirded me out. Now, though, I can look back on it and understand that the Holy Spirit didn't just work that way in Biblical times. Some rare, special gifts are still here today.

It also helps me to understand my husband and family better. My husband J., for example, has the charism of hospitality. He is just so warm and welcoming to people. We can't leave Mass without him talking to someone, and half of the time it's a stranger that he's welcoming to our parish or inviting to a ministry or event. I used to try to drag him out because I just didn't appreciate that--I would be hungry or shy and wanted to go home. I thought he was just being his typical extrovert self. Now, though, I see that people appreciate that about him, and they approach him as often as he approaches them. So I need to put my discomfort aside and let the Spirit work through him in that way.

While I hate to sound like a commercial, I can't help sharing this information because this workshop has been so interesting and helpful. You can learn more about this workshop at"

Hi Texas Mom To Be! I'm sorry that I've not gotten to meet you personally but am delighted that you have found the C & G process so helpful! God is going to give others (including your adopted child) so much of his love and provision through your availability and obedience.

The specific small group version that Texas Mom is referring can be found here: To see when a live event is coming to your part of the country, check out our calendar.

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