Is the Internet Making Us Crazy? Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 19:38

Take a look at this long but fascinating Newsweek article on the power of the internet, texting, etc. to make us crazy.  Apparently the average person in the US, regardless of age, sends or receives 400 texts a month.  (I'm only half crazy, I guess, since I've haven't sent or received a total of 400 texts in my lifetime.)  The average teen goes through 3,700 texts a month.

"Does the Internet make us crazy? Not the technology itself or the content, no. But a Newsweek review of findings from more than a dozen countries finds the answers pointing in a similar direction. Peter Whybrow, the director of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, argues that “the computer is like electronic cocaine,” fueling cycles of mania followed by depressive stretches. The Internet “leads to behavior that people are conscious is not in their best interest and does leave them anxious and does make them act compulsively,” says Nicholas Carr, whose book The Shallows, about the Web’s effect on cognition, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. It “fosters our obsessions, dependence, and stress reactions,” adds Larry Rosen, a California psychologist who has researched the Net’s effect for decades. It “encourages—and even promotes—insanity.”

How internet dependent are you on a daily basis?  How has it affected you and people you know?  What do you think?