Nightfever In London Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 06 July 2012 09:33

Hey, gonna be in London this Saturday evening?  You are in luck - because the incredible St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Soho will be offering "Nightfever" from 6pm - 10 pm.

"Nightfever" grew out of the experience of young adults who attended World Youth Day in Cologne in 2005.  St. Patrick's is the cutting edge evangelizing parish in London so I'm not at all surprised that they are holding the first "Nightfever" evenings in the UK.

"Gentle candlelight and stirring music fills the dark parish of St Patrick´s in Soho on a Saturday evening. People from the street come in, all dressed in attire and some with several shopping bags in their hands. They are in the church for just a minute or two, these people are here as a result of ther Nightfever Team, a group of young people who approach people on the street to invite them to the event.

The Nightfever event in the Diocese of Westmister took place for the first time on Saturday 4 February 2012. It was supported from different groups, like SPES, Youth 2000, and the Emmanuel Community. They wanted to invite people who usually don´t go to church, haven´t been to church for a long time or of no faith, basically anybody! In front of the church door the team chatted to pedestrians and invited them to the church to light a candle, listen to music, or just offer them a flyer.

At a Nightfever event a non-threatening environment is created, for people to feel at ease to think about your life and faith and to think perhaps that the Catholic Church is different to their perceptions, particularly in regards to what they may have hward in the media. Through mediation, devotion, prayer and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament a prayerful atmosphere is created. There are a number of priests in the church available for the Sacrament of Confession for fallen-away Catholics or for people to just have the opportunity to be spoken too and share what is on their heart."

It will surprise no one that St. Patrick's is also a center for Catholic Underground, UK.

It is a wonderful example of the something I wrote about in Forming Intentional Disciples:

"What if we stop thinking of Adoration as primarily a devotion for the already devout and consider it also as a form of evangelization particularly suited to the postmodern mindset? It is, in fact, an ideal form of devotion for the non-devout.

Adoration appeals to postmoderns because it is experiential, mysterious, and accessible to everyone: the nonbaptized, the non-Catholic, the unchurched, the lapsed, the badly catechized, the wounded, the skeptical, the seeking, the prodigal, and those who aren’t sure that relationship with God is even possible. An acquaintance of mine aptly describes it as “Spiritual Radiation Therapy” because it places the soul in the direct presence of Jesus Christ in the trust that he will act if we leave the door open the merest crack. All it requires is the ability to sit down.

Any readers have a powerful experience of Eucharistic Adoration that you would like share?