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Note to Self: Must Read "Forming Intentional Disciples" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 22 July 2012 15:30

OK.  It's time for fifteen Sunday seconds of marketing.

I thought I'd share some of the very encouraging comments I've been getting this week from pastoral leaders and evangelizers who have read Forming Intentional Disciples. I'll keep 'em anonymous since a couple came in private communication.


I am well into your new book "Making Intentional Disciples"...I was up until 1:30 reading and it took me a half hour to settle down. What a great read!!! Simply fantastic writing with superb factual and theological support!


For anyone involved in, interested in, thinking about the New Evangelization, Sherry Weddell has written an excellent book that says what I have been thinking (and trying to say) for years! Forming Intentional Disciples is a must read!


First, let me say THANK YOU for writing this book. It is a synthesis of every deep conversation on evangelization and catechesis my colleagues in the diocese and I have been having for the last four years. I think I've said "Amen!" to something every 10 pages or so.


What I like about the book is that it describes the situation on the ground so accurately, and communicates clearly that we don't have to just accept this situation. There is such dreadful complacency out there, and everybody acts like this is just the way it is, its the way we are. It's so practical too.


I am *really* enjoying it! You're saying things and supporting them from Church documents/from what you've seen and heard that I have suspected, mentioned to some, tried to explain, and haven't gotten very far with. Reading some lines, I think, "YES! I *knew* there was a place for what I was seeing! I'm *not* crazy! There really are ways to move forward on these fronts; hurrah!"


As I read the Intro and the first chapter, I began thinking that our Archbishop should put everything aside and read this book TONIGHT. If you care about the Church, and in particular, if you care about evangelization (and all Christians should!), this book is a MUST READ.


This is an invitation to become part of this absolutely critical conversation by reading Intentional Disciples. If you appreciate the work of the Catherine of Siena Institute, please buy the book from us since, in effect, you'll be making a small donation to us as well as getting the fruit of eight year's work in parish-based evangelization by a whole network of pastoral evangelizers and collaborators who are really making it happen on the ground.


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