A Technical Note From The Wizard Print
Friday, 22 June 2007 22:27

Written by Keith Strohm

Hello all! I've stepped out from behind the curtain to let you know I hae worked my magic. After an accelerated novena to several saints, we have the sidebars returned to their regular format!

Actually, as I was scanning through each post, I noticed that Sherry's repost of a January entry looked different on the bottom. Usually, each post ends with a gray bar and then some space between it and the next post. The Osmosis repost had the gray bar after the space and not before it. I knew that was the root of the problem.

When I went to edit Sherry's post to see what was going on, I was surprised to see the text of the earlier post that she quoted was set to the maximum size blogger can do. For some reason, the font size was coming out normal inside the post, but the rest of the page layout was compensating for the ginormous letter size of Sherry's post. A quick "select all" and a click on the font size button to return it to normal size and . . .voila!

I shall now return to my curtained chamber and await the next time my anti technology anti-charism is needed!