Sherry's Radio Interview on the Pew Survey & "Personal Relationship with God" Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 30 June 2008 21:31
Amazing thing about technology.  Sacred Heart Radio Station e-mailed us the MP3 file for the interview on "personal relationship with God" that I did this morning and we've got it up  on our website here.
It runs about 20 minutes.  I felt like I was babbling at the time but critical listerners tell me its "lively".  Listening to it again, there are some theological nuances I would add (if this were in print and I had more time to work with) but hey, that's live radio.  Warts and all.'
Just click on the icon button to the right of "interview on relationship with God" and the radio interview will pop up. Click on that and it begins