A Fellowship of Workplace Christians Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 07 March 2007 21:58
Catholics have a wonderful theology of the secular mission of the laity but once again, evangelicals are way ahead in practice. There is an enormous, booming marketplace ministry emphasis in the evangelical world and the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries is a great place to check it out.

The ICWM is impressive with a directory of over 1,300 Christian groups that are seeking to integrate faith and work, with links to newsletter and devotionals, ministries and organizations all devoted to the subject of the Christian in the workplace. And pretty ordinary businesses run by Christians who are serious about living their faith in the marketplace.

I haven't been able to make my way through all 1,300 groups but the vast majority seem to be evangelical. There is a fairly strong Pentecostal/Independent flavor to some of the allied organizations.

I haven't seen any Catholic groups in the list yet but they may well be there.

Anyone know any comparable Catholic ministries or groups other than lay movements?