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Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 04 March 2007 16:31
From the knee-deep-in-frozen snow upper midwest. I spent most of Friday trapped in the Minneapolis airport (my home away from home!) and reached Milwaukee at 5:30pm after leaving home at 4:30 am. But I was in time for the workshop and a very good time was had by all. The participants were very enthusiastic.

One of the things that is exciting about this work is to see the amazing new initatives that people undertake when they begin to discern their charisms. At Christ King Parish in Wauwatosa, Joan Carey and Cindy Stuart with a team of collaborators have created Simply the Word, a Catholic Bible study that incoporates music, prayer, small group discussion and lecture.

Joan and Cindy had spent 7 years in Bible Study Fellowship (I've talked to hundreds of Catholics over the years who have been part of Bible Study Fellowship, which is "non-denominational" but whose assumptions are exlicitly Sola Scriptura and anti-Catholic) but wanted to create something equally effective that was truly Catholic in its approach.

Cindy, who has a PhD, does the research and writing and Joan gives the 20 min talk. Each member of the Simply the Word team contributes their unique charisms and the results have been very exciting. In a parish where Bible study has fizzled before, 80 -90 excited Catholics from around the diocese are now attending every week.

Good stuff is happening all over.

It is good to be home however, especially to arrive home in early afternoon on one of the those brilliantly sunny Colorado days. I'll be blogging more this evening as I plow through my e-mails.

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