Re: Holy Conversation and Making Disciples Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 07 March 2007 12:27
Several people have asked, are the vision and skills that you would learn at this summer's Making Disciples transferable to Newman centers, and many other pastoral settings outside RCIA and the parish?

The skills involved?

It's all about Do Ask, Do Tell.

The fundamental topics will include:

How to recognize pre-discipleship levels of spiritual development.

· How personal faith “releases” graces that transform lives.

· How to respond pastorally and effectively to people at different levels of spiritual maturity.

· How to ask questions and facilitate discussion that encourages participants to freely share (and discover!) their real beliefs and issues and move closer to discipleship.

· How to clearly and effectively share the basic kerygma.

· How to help someone who is ready actually become an intentional disciple

In fact, one of our goals is to help all kinds of Catholics, whether in leadership or not, become comfortable with and skilled at asking where people are in their relationship with God, at listening well, respectfully, and prayerfully, and at articulating the basics of the gospel in a way that invites intentional discipleship.

A culture of intentional discipleship is built and reinforced by many inputs by many people. If many people in our parishes, Newman centers, schools, or other groups were ready and able to do this, it would reinforce and maximize the impact of whatever other evangelization efforts were underway: retreats, missions, homilies, small Christian communities, adoration, Bible or catechism studies, RCIA, etc.