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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 27 March 2007 02:04

God tube- . Yes, now there is a Christian version of You Tube.

It has all sorts of things from footage of Benedictines taking final vows to a quite funny take-off on the MAC/PC commercials that skewers the gap between traditional evangelicalism and emergent church approaches - and inadvertently shows how different the ethos and debate is in the Catholic world. (especially funny if you have some first hand experience of the evangelical world.)

The Catholic footage is long on sermons and religious congregations. There's footage of John Paul Ii's funeral, the God and the Girl tv series, a number of homilies, portraits of religious life, the ordination of a priest, etc. Some moving footage of Mother Teresa. The tone is sooo different from the evangelical stuff.

And then there are lots of debates between James White (a professional anti-Catholic) and well, everybody.

This is why I call myself a bi-cultural Christian. Watch this and you think:

Two peoples separated by a common devotion to Christ.


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