Christian "Hot Spots" Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 28 March 2008 05:49
Christian "hot spots". The ten countries where Christianity is growing most remarkably or fastest. (Note: in all these countries, Christianity is still a minority. Sometime a tiny minority. We have to jettison our big battalion mindset to grasp the significance of these relatively small numbers. They all represent the growing edge of Christendom.) I like the fact that the author often includes specific figures for Catholics.

According to Justin Long, a missionary researcher, they are:

1. Nepal
2. China
3. Burkino Faso
4. Singapore
5. India
6. Vietnam
7. Benin
8. Russia
9. Bangladesh
10. South Korea

Notice 7 of the 10 are in Asia. Where Christians are about to outnumber Buddhists for the first time.

The whole article is relatively short and worth a read.