Whiteout Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 26 March 2009 17:03
I'm back home after a four hour struggle to leave Colorado for Corpus Christi. Even though I tried to be very pro-active and switched my flight from Friday morning to Thursday at 4:30pm in order to escape the worst of the storm which wasn't supposed to hit until 3pm today and despite the fact that I left for the airport a hour early, it didn't make any difference.

It started snowing at noon and by 1:50pm, it was a total white-out. They say it is the biggest storm in 6 years and practically everything in the city is closed down. Schools, universities, churches

I have a seat on the 4:30pm Friday flight to Houston and please God, I'll be able to get out then, get into CC about 10pm and cram the training into one long Saturday.

It is only a 24 hour storm and will vanish quickly. It was just the wrong 24 hours.