Immigration Information Print
Wednesday, 02 May 2007 06:51

Written by Keith Strohm

Immigration has been a very hot-button issue lately--particularly in our post 9/11 environment. How do we balance meeting the needs and sustaining the dignity of immigrants who are often fleeing poverty and oppression while safeguarding and strengthening the overall common good. I'm still taking time to reflect, pray, and learn about this issue, and I'm always happy when I can find a lot of resources in one place.

Katerina Marie over at Evangelical Catholicism has gathered together a number of important resources and posts (including papal and conciliar teaching) regarding a Catholic perspective on immigration. If, like myself, you are looking for the best way to apply Church Teaching to this issue, stop by EC and take a look at those resources.

It's so easy to get sucked into talking points from the Right and the Left, and forget that we are called to bring the wisdom and Truth of God into our response to this issue.

I know I've been drawing a lot from Michael and Katerina over at Evangelical Catholicism, but they have really turned their blog "up a notch" lately! Check them out.