Myanmar: The Aftermath Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 26 May 2008 20:00
The New York Time lead article on the situation in Myanmar is . . .heartbreaking, enraging, stunning. The accompanying picture of hundreds of desperate famers lining the road waiting in the hope that a car of Burmese civilians trying to aid their countrymen will pass by. It is their only source of hope because the military regime won't let aid in.

Read it all. I was struck by a comment made by 40 year old Ko Htay Oo.

“I am no beggar, so I didn’t eat anything in the past two days,” he said, leaning against a roadside palm tree. “Besides, you shouldn’t compete with kids for begged food.”

The combination of pride and discipline is telling. It tells me a) he is used to not eating regularly although he is not a begger. (I have a hard time imagining an American who hadn't eaten in two days talking like that.)