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Those Mystic Monks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 08 May 2008 05:52

As the first soft light of another Rocky mountain dawn fills the sky, I'm considering whether or not it is time for my daily home-made latte. (We grind our own beans. Can't help it - I'm from Seattle. The mothership. Latteland.)

Which reminds me that I want to make sure that you know about Mystic Monk Coffee which supports an up and coming Carmelite men's monastery in Wyoming.

Fair Trade Ethiopian? De-caf Chocolate Mint? Mystic chant? Have a prayer request? The real monks of the Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary can help you. They have a definite ease with the new technology and a sense of humor. (They solemnly inform the reader that monks discovered coffee)

As they put it:

"Catholics must learn solidarity and the monks hope that Mystic Monk Coffee will help in this endeavor. To think that catholic money spent every day on coffee could go to a catholic cause through a catholic coffee. The monks have 40 young men discerning a vocation. Wy can't catholic coffee money go to support catholic vocations? Thus the monks hope that this catholic coffee Mystic Monk Coffee will help them continue to flourish through Catholics choosing to use their catholic coffee dollar for Christ and his catholic church.

Every catholic monastery has its own manual labor, a way to support itself by its own hands. Then it usually sells what it makes as its monastery gift item. Coffee is unique in that Catholics everywhere drink coffee daily. So this is a monastery gift for every day of the year. Catholics should find this as another way to integrate the church into their daily lives, through catholic coffee. Every morning as they sip their coffee, why not think of the church and say a morning offering to Christ? The reality that this catholic coffee could help catholic culture is true. Catholics need a culture to sink their roots in and Mystic Monk Coffee hopes to be a big part of this endeavor with the monastery gifts of a catholic coffee."

They also have a kickin website obviously intended to appeal to the JPII generation (some member is either a website developer or they got professional help) No wonder they have 40 young men discerning a possible monastic vocation.

So buy right and drink up. Besides - everything tastes better when it comes with altitude!

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