Who Healed Me? Print
Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 11 May 2008 21:16
A fascinating story for Pentecost from China by way of an interview in Good News with Fr Elias Vella OFM (Conv) who teaches part-time in the major seminary in Beijing.

"One story Fr Elias tells is of a woman troubled with some mental problem who came to see one of the priests he taught (having already tried the Buddhists, Fortune Tellers and so on). He didn’t know what to do but he laid his hands on her and said an Our Father. The woman was instantly healed and she asked, “Who healed me?” “Jesus,” said the priest, and then he told her about him. She was later baptised and became a powerful evangelical voice in the parish. Whenever she came across people who were sick or disturbed she told them that Jesus would heal them if they keep his word. She has apparently brought some 200 to faith this way. And the parish priest says that his parish is now “on fire”."

Read the whole article. It gives a good overview of the complexity of the Church's situation in China.