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Friday, 06 November 2009 13:42

Written by the other Sherry

Please pray for Mary Baughman, my husband Dave's mother. After ignoring/denying chest pains for the better part of a week, she had a heart attack this afternoon while doing some chores. She drove herself to the hospital (she is in rural Ohio). They put in two stents, but while withdrawing a catheter her femoral artery was torn and we nearly lost her. She is now in stable condition in the ICU.

Please pray for our family, especially our girls who are quite distressed at this news. We are in Warsaw, Poland, with no family or even friends nearby. Pray for wisdom and God's leading as we seek to discern how to best respond to this situation.

Update 11/9: Mary is still in ICU, but her blood pressure has stabilized and she is feeling much better. We were able to speak with her briefly via Skype, which was wonderful for morale both here and there. She's not entirely out of the woods yet, but she is much improved. Your continued prayers are much appreciated.


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