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Entering the World of Evangelical Missions Again PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 13:53

I'm off in the morning to Los Angeles. Only this time to attend a conference that I signed up for last January - back when I thought that I never had any commitments right after Thanksgiving! It is a large, high level evangelical Congress on global evangelism called Call2All that is being held at the Long Beach convention center. I haven't spent time in this sort of environment since I became Catholic so I expect to be challenged and experience a bit of culture shock. I'm going with a friend and collaborator who is also bi-cultural (former Baptist). Even with the book looming over me, this should be fun and a real learning experience.

For instance, they have a whole track about something that Catholics NEVER talk about: Orality. What they mean by that is that 70% of the world population learns primarily through oral means rather than written means - even if they are literate. In fact, they have a category called "secondary orality" by which they mean literate westerners - even college grads - who are still oral learners in their hearts and never read a book again willingly once they have finished school. As they point out, these people need to be evangelized and discipled differently but almost all the methods used by evangelists currently are those of people who learn through written materials. So solar powered audio Bibles, anyone? Creative story-telling, etc. Very interesting. I'll post more as the week goes on.


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