Don't You Just Love Rocktober*? Print
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 20 October 2007 08:20

It's a beautiful Rocktober* Day in Colorado.

(Non-Rockies fans may not grasp that the month between September and November has been renamed. And is being registered as a trademark. Seeing the Rockies still playing baseball in October is such a novel and unnerving experience.)

It's supposed to be 75 today so I'm going to be out and planting more bulbs. That's because it is supposed to be 39 and snowing tomorrow.

100 + more bulbs to plant in hard dry soil in and around established perennials. After my first trial last weekend, I went on line to discover the secret to planting lots of bulbs. Because those garden books I read talk lightly of planting 5,000 in one's yard. The defining moment was when I came across the story of a man who planted 400 bulbs with a pick-axe.


So I've bought a bulb auger, a sort of long dirt drill that you attach to your power drill. It's a miracle. It better be.

I also have to prepare the 400 sf bed for wildflowers.

I figure I can put the finishing touches on my Detroit presentations at Sacred Heart Seminary on Sunday. When it's snowing.