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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 21 October 2008 08:55
Grüß Gott! Morgan.

It's a bother that my MAC doesn't possess an easy way to move between different language keys so I have to copy Grüß Gott from the interesting Wiki article below:

Grüß Gott (literally 'Greet God', see explanation below) is a greeting, less often a farewell, in the Upper German Sprachraum especially in Swabia, Bavaria and Austria particularly in Catholic states. The greeting was publicized in the 19th century by the Catholic clergy and along with its variants has long been the most common greeting form in Southern Germany and Austria. The salutation often receives an ironic response from Northern Germans such as "When I see him"('Wenn ich ihn sehe.') or "Hopefully not too soon" ('Hoffentlich nicht so bald.')

Grüß Gott is the shortened form of both (Es) Grüße dich Gott and its plural (Es) Grüße euch Gott ('may God greet you'). The verb grüßen originally had a meaning similar to segnen ('to bless'), although it now means 'to greet'. The essential meaning of grüß (dich) Gott is therefore 'God bless you'.

In Bavaria, they really do greet you with "Grüß Gott" and yes, you can slip into an early morning Mass and find men in leaderhosen and grey boiled wool jackets and women in dirndl skirts. The difference between the real thing and the tourist thing is color. Germans dress in sober colors - lots of black, grey, brown - not unlike my tribe from western Washington. Since the climate and landscape are very similar, It is interesting that the preferred color range is also similar.

More later. I got home last night at midnight after 24 hours of travel and 9 days without sleep. I never did adjust (next time, I'll bring Tylenol PM or something) and so had to make do with 3 or 4 wildly interrupted hours a night. I skipped several meals in favor of naps to keep going (after all, I was supposed to be working!) but don't think I have ever arrived home more tired. Fr. Mike get home late tonight. He has the camera so pictures will have to wait. Despite everything, we had a great time and enjoyed our Bavarian sojourn very much. And picked out our new CSI Europe headquarters.

Danke for your prayers. The Called & Gifted seemed to go well.

Since I only have 3 days at home before jetting off to Chicago again this weekend - sleep, washing clothes, and getting reading for several November events - have to be the priority. But I hope to get in some blogging as well.