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"Credible Witnesses of Christ Present in the Scriptures" PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 18:07
Written by Joe Waters

As Fr Mike and Sherry head to Germany, I will try to forestall any blogging lull that could result from their tour abroad. Nonetheless, I do hope that we receive periodic updates on Bavaria's autumnal splendor and their activities.

Today Cardinal Bertone discussed the ways in which young people could be encouraged to take the scriptures more seriously. He called for more attention to the role of credible witnesses who take the Word seriously in their own lives and compel young people to the same.

Nevertheless, one notices that many of these young people show a surprising interest in the Bible when the syncrony is reached not as much, at least in the beginning, through the authority of a Biblical page called the Word of God, but by adults working who go to them as patient teachers and credible witnesses of the greatest figure, who is Jesus; in other words, people who when they say the Word of God, demonstrate it with their own life.

Let us fervently pray for such witnesses!

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