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Sunday, 19 October 2008 13:23

Written by Joe Waters

Today is the Church's annual reminder that her essential mission is to invite those who do not know Christ into a personal, transforming encounter with him. Here are a couple of highlights:

The Holy Father's Message for the day. It reminds us that the "missionary mandate continues to be an absolute priority for all baptized persons who are called to be "servants and apostles of Christ Jesus" at the beginning of this millennium."
Also, today saw the beatification of the parents of the patroness of missions, St Therese. Happily adding another lay, married couple to the ranks of beati.

And, as expected, the Catholic dimension of the election is heating up with recent comments from bishops across the country, counter-statements by various Catholic public intellectuals, and, most interestingly, a candid and frank address on the matter by Archbishop Chaput in Denver last week. All of this illustrates- strikingly so- the current incoherence of our moral discourse and the need for a clear, coherent, and credible witness to Jesus Christ. On this Missions Sunday, let us pray that the Church, throughout the whole world and in every language, may courageously bear witness to Him who is the Lord of life and Prince of Peace.

Happy Sunday!

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