The Catherine of Siena Institute Requests the Honor of Your Prayers Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 20 October 2010 08:45

Another gorgeous October morning and I stole out to enjoy the rising sun, mountains, turning leaves, etc.  My time at home this week is just a chance to turn about.  Last weekend, I was in St. Paul, doing a Called & Gifted with Keith Strohm at the Cathedral while Fr. Mike was doing a C & G and other sundry talks in the Seattle area.

This weekend, we'll meet again in Los Angeles for one of the largest and probably most strategic events we've ever put on.  On Saturday, October 23, Fr. Mike and I will be offering a "Come and See" introduction to our Making Disciples seminar for 760 parish leaders from 24 parishes in the San Fernando region as well as representatives of the other 4 regions of the archdiocese.  And next Monday, we'll be doing a similar day for 128 Catholic school teachers.  How this all came about is an amazing story.  All I can say now is never underestimate the power of praying lay people!

Notice my clever segue to our need for your prayers on our behalf.  I have often felt as though I was just along for the ride while some amazing LA disciples did all the work.  Now we are all waiting to see what God will do.

We would be most seriously grateful to anyone who kept us in prayer.

Later today, I'll be running up to Castlerock to meet with Kelly Wahlquist of The Great Adventure Bible study series to explore some ways we might be able to cooperate with one another.