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Alpha and the Meaning of Life PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 13 September 2007 13:33
Catholic Online carried a story yesterday about the kick-off of the Alpha Course's national million dollar advertising campaign in Canada.

For those who aren't familiar with Alpha, let's just say that it is the global juggernaut of evangelical/charismatic evangelistic processes. Alpha started at a charismatic Anglican church in London and has been experienced by 10 million people all over the world (30,000 courses are taking place in 163 countries right now, many of them in Catholic parishes and settings).

For more on Alpha from a Catholic perspective, go here
and here

(To put these numbers in perspective, consider that 8 million have attended Cursillo since its beginning in the 1940's and that 60 million Catholics have attended Life in the Spirit seminars since the late 60's.)

What is striking is how media savvy Alpha leaders are. Take a look at some of their marketing video's on the Alpha home page. (If you search for Alpha marketing videos on YouTube, you will find dozens in different languages (Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.)some produced by local churches to market their course, others produced by Alpha International.)

How do the videos stike you? Remember that they are aimed, not at the churched, but at the unchurched of all backgrounds or none. Think about your non-practicing Catholic friends and family members. Would they be drawn or put off by these videos? Why?

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