"When I Heal Her, I Will Change the Lives of Many." Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 19 September 2007 08:11
Speaking of evangelization, I'd like to encourage all ID readers to continue to check out the on-going Seattle Times series about Gloria Strauss, the 11 year old Catholic girl in Seattle who is currently hospitalized with neuroblastoma. Gloria and her remarkable, devout Catholic family have already impacted the lives of thousands through the work of reporter Jerry Brewer.

Gloria's mother, Kristen Strauss, heard a voice tell her before this journey even began.

"When I heal her, I will change the lives of many."

As everyone around Gloria recognizes, God has already used her suffering, courage, and faith and that of her wonderful family to change the lives of many. Including Cliff Wagner of Virginia who has never met her.

I live in Falls Church, Va., but I lived in Kent for a while. I was drinking so heavily while I was there I couldn't work, so I came back home.

I've been sober since Aug. 27. I had a four-day bender, a super hangover, and I was shaking — common stuff for me. I go to The Seattle Times Web site a lot, and I was pissed because they kept showing Gloria's picture every day. But I was hung over, so I finally read it. It was like I was hit by a 2x4.

I haven't had another drink since. If she can put up with that cancer, I can put up with not drinking. I haven't even been tempted. It's a Gloria thing. She did it.

The main thing I'd like is for someone to go up to Gloria and tell her that this gruff, 51-year-old man said, 'Thanks, your strength tells me there's hope for me yet.' Every day, I have two meetings. One is AA. The other is a meeting I hold with myself and God. I've never been a man of action. But an epiphany occurred.

Continue to pray for Gloria, her family, and for all who struggle with life-threatening illness and their families.

Pray that we, our families, and our parishes, might become powerful witnesses like Gloria and used as instruments of love, healing, conversion, and encouragement for millions who are seeking right now.