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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 10 April 2007 06:45
Todd Flowerday over at Catholic Sensibility has put together his own list of "blogs that make you think" - which includes our humble effort at ID. But he raises a good question.

Blogging often becomes its own world. We read each other's stuff, react to it, cheer it, critique it, sometimes damn it with faint praise, link to it. And, of course, engage in huge, drawn out com box discussion/battles.

But the strength, the potential good of blogging is the extent to which each of us is a unique window on the larger world. That blogging at its best enlarges our understanding of the world because it gives others access to perspectives, questions, and life experience that we would never encounter otherwise. In the case of St. Blog's, mostly about our attempts to believe, live, apply the Christian and specifically Catholic faith, and to see the world through Christian Eyes.

So. What blogs make you stop. Think again. Think something new. Give you hope. Nourish your faith. Foster your relationship with God. Enlarge your world. Encourage your sense of vocation?????

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